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We all yearn for human connection; this connection is vital to our emotional and physical well-being throughout our lives.  For a newborn child, healthy brain and physical development is dependent on a strong bond with a parent or parents.  As children grow, they become more independent, yet they still need the presence of and close connection with a primary caregiver to flourish.  In a couples’ relationship, a strong loving bond nurtures each individual’s emotional and physical well-being as well as each person’s unique growth and creativity.  Authentic and clear communication is crucial in all relationships.  Often, though, challenges arise.  If you choose, these challenges can be times of growth and change, to broadening one’s perspective, and deepening your connection.  As a marriage and family therapist, I assist individuals, couples, children and families in creating meaningful, satisfying and vibrant relationships.
I am a somatically-oriented psychotherapist which means that I pay close attention not only to what you say with words, but what the other parts of you are saying as well:  your tone of voice, your gestures, your pace, your body tension or ease, your internal experience…  These are all parts of your experience that can be brought to awareness and explored.
My interest in the body’s wisdom and capacity for healing stems from my yoga practice of over 25 years and my own journey through life. I believe that every moment is a chance to practice the meditation of being fully present, with self, with others, and with whatever is arising in and around us. It is from this awareness that we sense ourselves and our impulses towards a healthy and fully embodied aliveness.
Life presents challenging situations for each and every one of us.   We as living beings are constantly pushed to the edge of who we are, for it is at the edges of experience that we learn.  Yet it is at the edges that we come up against the unknown, something that we have never experienced.  Often times, the ‘edge’ is not a comfortable place and often accompanied by fear.  But what is fear but a visceral experience, felt in the body, as bits of intense swirling sensations.